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PA daily op-ed claims Zionists collaborated with Nazis, particularly Eichmann

Headline: “The Mufti and the Rabbi”
Op-ed by Hafez Al-Barghouti, regular columnist for the official PA daily
 “Even those closest to Netanyahu do not believe his nonsense, as he keeps retelling the familiar fable of the wolf and the lamb, ignoring the Zionist collaboration with the Nazis, especially with arch-murderer [Adolf] Eichmann (German Nazi lieutenant colonel who organized the mass-deportations of Jews to concentration camps during the Holocaust –Ed.), who played a main role in the expulsion of Jews from Hungary, Austria and Germany to Palestine, on condition that they were young and trained in weapons, and supervised their training there, while the leaders of Zionism allowed him to send the elderly to the concentration camps. Eichmann visited Palestine in 1937, met with Jewish leaders and considered himself a Zionist like them. [From Palestine] he continued to Egypt, but Britain banished him. The Mufti did not send anyone to the Holocaust and never spoke of the annihilation, which had begun years before he met with Hitler, and this is confirmed by historic evidence. What Hitler told the Mufti is that he admired the Palestinian people because it had fought against the British empire on its own, without anyone’s support. Today, we still resist the occupation which is supported by the US, without anyone’s support.