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PA daily: We will honor our Martyrs… but “we do not want more bloodshed”

Headline: “Intelligent resistance”
“We will raise the banner of our Martyrs (Shahids) high, through the anthem and oath that their blood will not be in vain. We will praise them, and they are the ones who have achieved for us all this glory with their resisting presence. However, we do not want more bloodshed. We do not want more heroes from our lines to die on the way to victory. We want them to celebrate the victory together with their people, family, and nation. It is possible that victory is imminent; it even looks as if there is only a short step between us and it [victory]. We will praise our brave wounded, they are those who through these wounds put pride on our Palestinian chests all this pride. We will praise our prisoners, knights of challenge and resolve in the occupation’s prisons, who pave an additional path to freedom, despite the prison bars and guards.”