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Israel’s establishment is a result of ‎‎“British-French-German-American ‎colonial West”‎; Real victims of the Holocaust were ‎Palestinians

Op-ed by Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul, columnist ‎for the official PA daily:

Headline: “Netanyahu and the historical ‎Holocaust”‎

‎“[Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] ‎Netanyahu delivered a speech yesterday ‎‎[Oct. 20, 2015], Tuesday, to the Zionist ‎Congress, which was full of all colors of ‎forgery, deception, and incitement ‎against the Palestinian people and ‎President Mahmoud Abbas… and which ‎acquitted Adolf Hitler, the German ‎leader, of the blood of millions of Jews, ‎and ‘placed the responsibility for it’ on ‎‎[Grand Mufti] Haj Amin Al-Husseini, who ‎‎‘incited’ Hitler to carry out the ‎Holocaust, according to Netanyahu’s ‎neo-fascist logic…‎

Everyone knows that the Palestinian ‎people and its historic leaders, from ‎‎[Grand Mufti] Haj Amin Al-Husseini and ‎those who preceded him and followed ‎him, all of them were victims of that ‎Holocaust, whose results are the ‎responsibility of the British-French-‎German-American colonial West. This is ‎because they paved the way through the ‎ominous British Balfour Promise (i.e., ‎Declaration), and afterward through the ‎campaigns of Jewish immigration to ‎historic Palestine. They gave them (Zionist ‎Jews) (parentheses in source) all the ‎political, legal, financial, and military ‎reliefs to establish the Israeli state on the ‎ruins of the Nakba (“the catastrophe,” the ‎Palestinian term for the establishment of ‎the State of Israel) of the Palestinian ‎people in May 1948. If Netanyahu, who is ‎sick and stricken with political and ‎intellectual Alzheimer even though he’s ‎been sitting on the throne of the Israeli ‎government for four terms, had minimal ‎political wisdom, he wouldn’t think only of ‎the connection between the Nazis and the ‎Holocaust and every Palestinian, but ‎would apologize before all the ‎Palestinians for their being the victims ‎of the old and new Western colonialism ‎and of the Zionist movement. However, ‎the national activity has brought down the ‎ceiling on his head, and caused all the ‎plots in Jerusalem, and in all the territories ‎of the Palestinian state that were occupied ‎in 1967, to fail.

At the moment, he can no ‎longer concentrate, and has fallen, ‎defeated, while wallowing in his non-‎ideological comedy, because according to ‎him, there is no connection between ‎ideology and the Zionist outlook. The ‎near future undoubtedly holds a strong ‎blow against the occupying fascist ‎Zionist leader [Netanyahu], as a friend ‎of Hitler and his ilk.”‎

Haj Amin Al-Husseini - Grand Mufti of ‎Jerusalem at the time of the British ‎mandate, and spiritual and a political ‎leader of the local Arab population. He ‎strongly opposed Zionism and was behind ‎riots and attacks on Jews. During World ‎War II he actively collaborated with Nazi ‎Germany, meeting Adolf Hitler personally ‎and recruiting Muslims for the Nazi army.‎