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Mother of terrorist gives out candy in honor of dead son, is angry that he didn’t take her with him “to die as a Martyr together”

Facebook page of Lebanese Al-Quds TV, interview with mother of terrorist Muhammad Shamasneh

Al-Quds TV host: “We are now at the home of Martyr (Shahid) Muhammad Shamasneh, who went to Heaven on the 12th of this month [Oct. 12, 2015], after the Israeli occupation accused him of taking a weapon and shooting inside a bus in the central bus station in occupied Jerusalem… I am now turning to Martyr Muhammad Shamasneh’s mother. Madam, first of all, Allah will have mercy on Muhammad’s soul. Did you know that Muhammad intended to carry out an operation (i.e., terrorist attack), and did you believe the version of the occupation, according to which Muhammad carried out an operation in Jerusalem?
Martyr Muhammad Shamasneh’s mother: “First of all, praise Allah that Muhammad died as a Martyr for the Al-Aqsa [Mosque], and I hope, Allah willing, that all my children will follow Muhammad’s path. Praise Allah, we [as a family] knew [of his intentions], but I did not know, and I am angry that he did not take me with him. He should have taken me so I could die as a Martyr together with him. We have no regrets, we are proud, praise Allah, and I give you sweets in honor of Muhammad’s death as a Martyr.”
"At the moment Muhammad's body is in the hands of the Israeli occupation. Have you received any threats from the Israeli occupation regarding Muhammad's body, or regarding the demolition of this house? You know that the Israeli occupation, as part of the punitive steps that it takes against anyone who carries out an operation of resistance, demolishes his home. Have you received any threats?"
Shamasneh's mother: "Until now we have not received any threats. The threats don't affect us. Even if they demolish the house, and Mu'tasim dies as a Martyr, and Yusuf dies as a Martyr, all of this is [a fitting sacrifice] for the Al-Aqsa Mosque and for Palestine. As for me-"

Visual: Shamasneh's mother pulls out a knife.

Host: "No. No. No."
Shamasneh's mother: "I hid this weapon against Israel. Watch out, Israel!"
Host: "We do not want to see such sights on the television screen. Please, madam. Let's stay on the topic of Muhammad. I understand the state of heartbreak you are in, and the anger and shock, but we do not want such sights. Forgive us. Regarding the house, they are liable to demolish it at any moment. Please hide [the knife]."
Shamasneh's mother: "This is for the Al-Aqsa Mosque, to sacrifice the house for the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and also my four children. And before all, I am ready to sacrifice myself for the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Watch out, Israel! You have opened the gates of Hellfire against you, and you do not know who the mother of Mu'tasim is. Israel! You have opened the gates of Hellfire against you, and I do not need to elaborate on this. The actions will speak for themselves."
Host: "May Allah have mercy on his soul, madam."

Muhammad Nazmi Shamasneh (22) terrorist who choked and stabbed an Israeli soldier in order to take his weapon on Oct. 12, 2015, on bus 185 near the central bus station in Jerusalem. The terrorist also stabbed and injured two additional people. He was shot and killed by police.