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Website of former senior White House official Allen B. West reports on PA libels exposed by PMW

Michele Hickford  |
Website of former senior White House official Allen B. West reports on PA libels exposed by PMW

Headline: Palestinian Authority says Israel fakes knife attacks

by Michele Hickford

For the past month Israel has been under attack from Palestinian terrorists including daily stabbings, shooting attacks, rocks thrown at Israeli cars and attempts to run over Israeli citizens...

However, the Palestinian Authority has come up with a despicable new weapon in its arsenal of terror designed to maximize the impact of these attacks and use them against Israel: officially sanctioned blatant lies and fabrication. Here in the U.S. we’re no strangers to bias in the left-leaning mainstream media, but the depths to which the Palestinian Authority is sinking is despicable – and Western mainstream media eats it up.

Once again, our friends at Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reveal the facts. In a recent bulletin, they show how the Palestinian Authority media and its Fatah branch have been claiming that Israel is actually fabricating these attacks. For example, here is a cartoon reported in their bulletin from the Palestinian Authority newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadida one week ago:

Director of PMW, Itamar Marcus, explains the three scenes in the cartoon as follows: “The cartoon claims that Israel victimizes Palestinians, framing them for the many recent stabbing attacks. [Scene 1] A knife attached to the end of the rifle of an Israeli soldier cuts the hand of a Palestinian. [Scene 2] The soldier withdraws the rifle, leaving the knife in the hand of the Palestinian, thus making it look like the Palestinian is the one attacking the soldier with the knife. [Scene 3] The soldier then shouts: ‘Terrorist!’”

This disgusting cartoon claims that not only are the Palestinians NOT attacking Israelis, but Israelis are attacking THEM. When Israeli soldiers attack Palestinians, they falsely claim, according to the cartoon, the Palestinians are the terrorists.
Think this is just an isolated example? Think again. PMW documents these types of accusations have appeared in Palestinian media outlets at least 7 times in the month of October alone. Here is another example from Palestinian Authority TV.

As Marcus describes:”Official PA TV recently broadcast footage showing weapons lying next to a terrorist who was shot and killed following an attack in which he had stabbed an Israeli border policeman, stolen his gun, and attempted to shoot a second policeman. PA TV News used this footage to reiterate the libel that Israel “fakes evidence” as a pretext to kill Palestinians. “The Zionists,” said the TV reporter, are ‘skillful directors’.”

As this PA TV report from October 13 says, “The occupation police is executing our children and youth in cold blood just because it suspects them. Then it falsely accuses them and fakes [evidence] to justify its crimes… Scenes of children being killed due to mere suspicion, painful scenes which even Hollywood’s greatest directors have trouble directing, the Zionists direct skillfully. All they have to do is to murder the victim. Whatever comes next is already there, except for the law that is absent.”

It is absolutely appalling that Americans such as Secretary of State John Kerry and his spokesperson, John Kirby, would make statements of “moral equivalency” between what Israel is trying to do in defending its citizens, and the terror and falsehoods perpetuated by the Palestinians.

As Benjamin Netanyahu has said on many occasions, if the Palestinians laid down their arms today, there would be peace in Israel. But if the Israelis laid down their arms today, there would be no Israel.