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PA daily claims terrorist stabber was “executed” and that Israeli media “alleged that he had stabbed a settler”

Headline: "The execution of one young [Palestinian] person and wounding of another, and Hebrew sites expose the falseness of the occupation's claims"
"A young person died as a Martyr (Shahid) and another was injured from gunfire of the occupation's police in Jerusalem in a summary execution operation, while conflicts in different areas of the West Bank and Gaza Strip continued... The young Mahmoud Khaled Ghneimat, 20, from the village of Surif, north of Hebron, died yesterday [Oct. 22, 2015], after he was injured by the occupation's gunfire in the settlement of Bet Shemesh, west of Jerusalem, under the allegation that he had stabbed a settler."
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Mahmoud Khaled Ghneimat – A 20-year-old Palestinian terrorist who, together with another terrorist, 20-year-old Miqdad Al-Heeh, stabbed and injured an 18-year-old man in Beit Shemesh. They were shot and wounded by Israeli police, and Ghneimat later died of his wounds.

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