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Fatah official: Israel is “carrying out executions of Palestinians based only on suspicions”

Headline: “Fatah in Jerusalem: ‘The occupation plays victim by spreading fake pictures’”
“Secretary of Jerusalem branch of Fatah Adnan Ghaith called to be careful of the fake versions and pictures being spread by the Israeli media. Ghaith said yesterday [Oct. 22, 2015] in an interview with Radio Mawtini: ‘The occupation government is lying, faking, and cheating. It is trying to isolate our people by pretending to be the victim and spreading fake pictures through their media.’ Likewise, he called to take precautions and to work to expose the facts.
Ghaith said that the fact that the occupation’s soldiers killed a Jew in Jerusalem because they thought he was a Palestinian confirms that the occupation is carrying out executions of Palestinians based only on suspicions.”

Simcha Hodedtov, a 28-year-old Jewish man, aroused two Israeli soldiers' suspicions when he asked them to identify themselves to him as they got off a bus. When in return the soldiers asked Hodedtov to identify himself, he refused, and shouted "I am ISIS (Islamic State)," lunging at them, and trying to take one of their weapons. He was shot and killed by the soldiers. Afterward they discovered he was a Jewish resident of Jerusalem. A joint Israeli police and military police investigation of the matter has been opened.

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