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“Knife of Jerusalem” – name given to Palestinian baby boy

Itamar Marcus  |


Palestinian baby boy named 
"Knife of Jerusalem"
by Itamar Marcus 


The official Fatah Facebook page posted the picture and birth certificate of a newborn Palestinian baby who has been named "Knife of Jerusalem."

While the text on the Facebook post says the baby is a girl, the birth certificate pictured in the post clearly states that the baby is a boy.


Text in post above the pictures: "A [Palestinian] civilian from Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip named his daughter 'Knife of Jerusalem.'"
[Official Facebook page of the Fatah Movement, Oct 23, 2015]
The naming of the baby follows weeks of Palestinian violence and stabbing attacks against Israelis - attacks that have been endorsed and applauded by PA and Fatah officials, as reported by Palestinian Media Watch
PMW previously reported that after the murder of two Israelis in the Old City of Jerusalem in a stabbing attack on Oct. 3, 2015, a Gazan family named their newborn son after the stabber, terrorist Muhannad Halabi. 

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