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PLO: America's decrease in aid to the PA "has already failed [previously]... to influence Palestinian political decision making"

Headline: “Majdalani: ‘The decrease in American aid is a traditional means of pressure which will not cause the Palestinian leadership to concede its national position’”
“PLO Executive Committee Member Dr. Ahmed Majdalani said that the decrease in aid from the American administration to the Palestinian people is a traditional step, which will not influence the position of the Palestinian leadership. Majdalalni added today [Oct. 26, 2015], Monday, in an interview with Radio Mawtini: ‘This is not the first time that the US is decreasing the aid to the Palestinian people as part of its pressure on the Palestinian leadership to change its political position. This is a traditional step that has already failed [in the past].’ Likewise, he emphasized that these positions had previously failed to influence the Palestinian political decision making.”
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