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Fatah in Gaza supports “the popular insurgency” (i.e., violence) and calls it “legitimate resistance”

Headline: “Gaza: Fatah and the [Islamic] Jihad agree that the popular insurgency needs to be supported”
“The Fatah movement and the Islamic Jihad movement in Gaza agreed to support the conflict with the occupation which is taking place in the West Bank and Jerusalem. Likewise, they agreed to protect the current nature [of the conflict], as what is happening is one of the characteristics of legitimate resistance…

Fatah Spokesman Fayez Abu Aita said that the meeting with the leadership of the Islamic Jihad was constructive and open, and that they discussed the mass insurgency in the Palestinian territories and ways to support it. He noted that the two delegations reviewed together the ways to support the resoluteness of our people in the Palestinian territories.

[Fatah Central Committee member Zakaria] Al-Agha emphasized the depth of the connection between the two movements, and said that it was agreed to hold another meeting during the next week in order to continue the dialogue regarding current issues, to maintain the media discourse, and to focus it on the battle against the occupation.”