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PA daily praises Palestinians for ‎continuing riots and rock throwing in ‎the rain

“Youth throwing rocks at ‎occupation soldiers
during conflicts in El-‎Bireh”‎

Headline: “Al-Shuhada Square in El-Bireh ‎‎– a society beating with life and rage, ‎colored in blood”‎
     ‎“The incessant rain and difficult weather ‎have not extinguished the fire of rage in ‎the Palestinian chest, and conflicts with ‎the occupation forces broke out anew in ‎the Al-Shuhada Square (i.e., Square of ‎the Martyrs) in north El-Bireh, and ‎continued on and off until nightfall. ‎Demonstrators found cover from the rain ‎and wetness under umbrellas and in the ‎burning checkpoints, based on a clear ‎decision to keep the northern entrance to ‎El-Bireh, which has become a main center ‎of popular action, within the framework of ‎the insurgency for the Al-Aqsa [Mosque]…‎
The national and Islamic forces and the ‎popular activists in the district called for a ‎march, as part of the events of a new day ‎of rage for the Al-Aqsa [Mosque] and the ‎prisoners and as a mark of protest against ‎the occupation’s crimes against our ‎people and its holy sites.‎
The march, led by the leaders and ‎representatives of the forces and the ‎popular activists, began at the ‎international committee of the Red Cross’ ‎building in El-Bireh, not far from the ‎northern entrance, after the weekly ‎Saturday strike for Jerusalem, which the ‎Supreme Council for Monitoring Prisoners ‎and Released Prisoners regularly ‎organizes.”‎
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