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PLO member says Palestinian forces ‎agreed on a “battle plan… to continue ‎the popular insurgency”‎

Headline: “Abu Yusuf: ‘We are working on ‎a battle plan for the continued popular ‎insurgency’”‎
‎“PLO Executive Committee member Wasel ‎Abu Yusuf said… yesterday [Oct. 28, ‎‎2015] in an interview with Radio Mawtini: ‎‎‘The residents of Jerusalem, whether they ‎live behind the [separation] wall or in front ‎of it, protect Jerusalem with their bare ‎chests, in order to prevent its Judaization ‎and the division of the blessed Al-Aqsa ‎Mosque.’‎
Abu Yusuf said: ‘The leadership of the ‎national forces yesterday (two days ‎ago) authorized a national battle plan ‎during its meeting, in order to continue ‎the popular insurgency throughout the ‎homeland, and to emphasize the ‎momentum of the popular participation, in ‎order to protect the rights of the resolute ‎Palestinians and obtain freedom and ‎independence.”‎

‎"Division according to areas and times" ‎refers to a proposed law (May 2013) being ‎reviewed in Israeli Parliament that would ‎allow for both Jews and Muslims to pray on ‎the Temple Mount. The law seeks to ‎designate separate prayer times and areas ‎of the site for Muslims and Jews.‎