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PA daily claims that terrorist stabbers were “executed in cold bold” and “there was no knife”

Headline: “Soldiers executed Saba'aneh in cold blood and injured his friend, and there was no knife and no attempted stabbing”
“Occupation soldiers shot at two young people yesterday [Oct. 30, 2015] afternoon near the Tapuach checkpoint south of Nablus, claiming they tried to stab soldiers.

The Israeli media claimed that the two young people tried to stab a number of soldiers at the Tapuach checkpoint, and the occupation soldiers shot at them, which led to the death as a Martyr (Shahid) of young Qassem Mahmoud Qassem Saba'aneh, 20, from the village of Qabatiya, and the severe injury of the second.”

Note: Qassem Mahmoud Qassem Saba’aneh - Palestinian terrorist who together with another terrorist attempted to stab Israeli border police at the Tapuach junction near Nablus on Oct. 30, 2015. One policewoman shot them, killing Saba’aneh and injuring the second terrorist.

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