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PA daily reports that a Palestinian was killed as a “Martyr” after a stabbing attempt, “according to the claims of the occupation police”

Headline: “Martyr from the village of Akav at the light rail in occupied Jerusalem”
“Last night [Oct. 30, 2015], they announced the death as a Martyr of the young Jerusalemite Qneibi, 23, from the village of Akav, south of Ramallah, in a stabbing incident that took place in the light rail in occupied Jerusalem according to the claims of the occupation police. The young Qneibi was injured yesterday afternoon by occupation forces’ gunfire, who claimed he tried to stab settlers at the light rail station next to the white statue in the Sheikh Jarah neighborhood, and yesterday evening his death as a Martyr was announced… the occupation police claimed that two settlers were lightly to moderately wounded after being stabbed by the young man, according to the occupation.”

Note: Ahmed Qneibi – 23-year-old Palestinian terrorist who stabbed one man, and attempted to stab another at the light rail station at Ammunition Hill in Jerusalem on Oct. 30, 2015. He was shot and wounded by light rail security guards and a border policeman. An errant bullet struck and wounded a bystander at the scene.