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Father of teenage terrorist: “Happy he is that he merited Shahada”

Official PA TV News on the military funeral held for terrorist Mahmoud Nazzal
Official PA TV reporter: “Nine a.m. on Saturday morning. A new execution at the Jalame checkpoint in north Jenin. The youth Mahmoud Nazzal, 18, was executed by the gunfire of the [Israeli] soldiers at the checkpoint.”

Taleb Nazzal, father of terrorist Mahmoud Nazzal: “Happy he is that he merited Martyrdom (Shahada).”
Reporter: “A military funeral set out from Martyr (Shahid) Khalil Suleiman Hospital and passed through the streets of Jenin before turning towards the town of Qabatiya, the birthplace of the Martyr.

The Martyr’s mother was incapable of speaking, but the people and comrades received him with sounds of joy despite the great pain that was seen on their faces and in their eyes.”

Mahmoud Nazzal – Palestinian terrorist who tried to stab a security guard at the Jalame checkpoint near Jenin on Oct. 31, 2015. The security guard shot and killed him.