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Fatah official defends Palestinian ‎violence as “a natural right in response” ‎to Israel’s “crimes”‎

Headline: “Muhaisen: The self-defense of ‎the citizens is a natural response to the ‎settlers’ crimes”‎
‎“Fatah Central Committee Member [and ‎Commissioner of Foreign Branches] ‎Jamal Muhaisen stated that the popular ‎uprising and the citizens’ protection of ‎their firm national rights, are a natural right ‎in their response against the Israeli ‎occupation government’s crimes.‎ In an interview with radio Mawtini, ‎Muhaisen added yesterday [Oct. 31, 2015] ‎that the occupation’s presence in the ‎Palestinian territories will be met with the ‎young Palestinians’ natural response. ‎Moreover, he noted that the field ‎executions carried out by the ‎occupation army against the Palestinian ‎people will be met with the civilians ‎protecting themselves and their rights…‎ Muhaisen stated: ‘The Palestinian actions ‎in the international arena continue, and ‎the popular uprising against the settlers is ‎escalating in order to confront the Israeli ‎aggression.’ He noted: ‘Our people is ‎making sacrifices in order to protect its ‎honor and obtain freedom and ‎independence.”‎

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