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Palestinian video on Facebook promotes stabbing of Jews: "Cut, tear apart... Resist"

Posted text: "Knock on Heaven's door with the head of a Jew"
"Stab, West Bank man"
Osama Issa Al-Nashar, Gazan singer:
Visuals: Scenes from stabbing attacks against Israelis
"Stab! Stab!
Stab, West Bank man and resist! Stab, West Bank man and resist!
Trample the oppressor under your feet
Never agree to the humiliation
Cut, tear apart, come battle!
O West Bank of [Yahya] Ayyash (i.e., Hamas bomb maker and inventor of suicide bombings), this is our Jerusalem!
From now on we will not agree to being humiliated
For your men love the ringing sound of their swords
And competed among themselves for Allah, how good is Heaven
Make volcanoes of war erupt at the front line,
shower the humiliated Jews with fire
Let fear come down on them, and let death come for them in a flash
Children of Zion, tell of the swords that were openly plunged in you
Your necks and heads, your buses and soldiers have tasted the taste of a stabbing ambush!"
"The Islamic Bloc - Rafah"
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Yahya Ayyash - First Hamas bomb-maker and leader of the of Hamas' Izz A-Din Al-Qassam Brigades in the West Bank, is considered the initiator of Palestinian suicide bombings. He built the bombs used in many terror attacks, including the Mehola Junction bombing (2 killed, 9 injured, April 16, 1993), the Afula bus bombing (8 killed, 55 injured, April 6, 1994), the Hadera central station bombing (6 killed, 30 injured, April 13, 1994), the Tel Aviv bus 5 bombing (22 killed, 47 injured, Oct. 19, 1994), the Ramat Gan bus bombing (6 killed, 33 wounded, July 24, 1995), the Ramat Eshkol bus bombing (5 killed, over 100 injured, Aug. 21, 1995), and the Bet Lid bombing (22 killed, 66 injured, Jan. 22, 1995). He was killed by Israeli security forces on Jan. 5, 1996.

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