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PLO commission: Palestinian children who throw rocks are “fulfilling their national duty”

Headline: “The Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs: Israeli law…”
      “The [PLO] Commission of Prisoners [and Released Prisoners'] Affairs emphasized in a notice it published yesterday [Nov. 3, 2015] afternoon that the law for stricter punishment of Palestinian children that was approved in the Israeli Parliament (Knesset) is part of a series of racist, vengeful laws… The Commission noted that what was approved by the [Israeli] Parliament regarding the increase of the punishment of minors accused of rock-throwing to 10 years, and [the establishment of] a minimum punishment of two years, is in contradiction with all international conventions and treaties, which speak clearly of the need to respect children’s rights, and treat them in a special manner. The Commission clarified that the goal of the series of laws enacted by the occupation government and the leaders of its gangs – politicians and military people alike – is to kill the Palestinian childhood, to deter children from fulfilling their national duty toward their land and holy sites, and to discourage them from resisting this occupier.”