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PLO official: We must continue to escalate the “strong popular uprising”(i.e., terror attacks against Israelis)

Headline: “Abu Yusuf: ‘ The efforts need to be consolidated in order to escalate the popular uprising’”
“Secretary-General of the Palestine Liberation Front and PLO Executive Committee member Wasel Abu Yusuf emphasized the importance of preparing the appropriate institutions for the continued escalation of the strong popular uprising, and also the importance of consolidating the national efforts in order to continue it. This together with activity at the international level to stop the escalating Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people... Secretary-General of the Palestinian Liberation Front [Wasel Abu Yusuf] said that the popular Palestinian uprising will continue in order to get rid of the occupation, as long as the latter [Israel] does not stop its criminal and aggressive policy against the Palestinian people. This requires all of the factions and forces to nurture and protect the popular uprising through all the extraordinary popular and militant actions they’ve carried out, in order that the Palestinian cause and its priority will return to the daily agenda of the national activity."