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Abbas and PA PM making sure all Hebron terrorists’ bodies are returned and given state funerals

Headline: “The government inaugurates 20 projects worth over 7 million dollars in order to strengthen the resolve of Hebron residents”
     “During its weekly meeting, held yesterday [Nov. 3, 2015] in Hebron, the [PA] government called for the UN Security Council and General Assembly to obligate Israel to remove the outposts in the Old City [of Jerusalem], to open the Al-Shuhada Road in Hebron, and to allow Palestinian security forces to spread out in the region in order to provide the civilians with protection from the settlers’ attacks and crimes… The government emphasized that the resolve of our people in Hebron and the great sacrifices the district’s residents have made… have caused the Israeli government to launch a revenge attack, which has caused the death of 29 Martyrs from the district during the popular uprising, who saturated the Palestinian ground with their pure blood... The government listened to a report by Hebron district Governor Kamel Hami about the settler attack against the district and the violations being perpetrated by the occupation forces and gangs of settlers. He expressed appreciation of the fact that the president [Abbas] and prime minister [Hamdallah] are making sure they receive all of the Martyrs’ bodies [from Israel] and bring them to burial with state funerals befitting them and their sacrifices… The government emphasized that even though 98 years have passed since the ominous Balfour Declaration, our people is still paying a heavy price with its land, its children’s blood, and its daily suffering, and the international community still stands by helplessly in the face of the historic injustice which has caused many massacres and crimes carried out by the Zionist terror gangs, which has led to our people being uprooted from their homeland.”