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All Palestinians are “in danger” of being ‎murdered by Israel with “a knife thrown ‎by his side”‎

     ‎“Apparently, the Israeli occupation will ‎continue to act against everything ‎Palestinian, and will always show great ‎fervor, like a vampire in its violence and ‎hatred, to wipe out the Palestinian ‎people. This time, the main target is ‎Hebron, as Martyr (Shahid) after Martyr ‎‎[from there], and all Hebron are potential ‎Martyrs. Everyone is in danger of bleeding ‎till his soul ascends to Heaven and a ‎knife is thrown by his side. In the ‎shadow of this, the Palestinian sport has ‎proven once again that it is one of the ‎most important factors in national unity for ‎the realization of important meanings ‎such as social cohesion. My dear reader, ‎imagine a game for first place in the ‎‎[football] league, and that this game is the ‎‎‘Clasico,’ which is usually very ‎competitive. How could you imagine that ‎all these factors and meanings could ‎become nothing, and even turn into calls ‎from one side of the audience to the other, ‎and sometimes the audiences of both ‎teams call in one voice for Palestine, its ‎capital, and its Martyrs’ blood, so that ‎victory becomes unimportant. That is what ‎happened in the game between the ‎‎[Shabab] Al-Khalil and Shabab Al-‎Dhahiriya [teams]…‎ In this game, we felt the absence of a fan ‎who was always present at the ‘Clasico’ ‎and participated in all the events for the ‎devout fans. However the occupation ‎caused his absence, murdering him with ‎gunfire in Jerusalem, and his pure body is ‎still being held by them. He who was the ‎most active devout fan of the Al-Khalil ‎team – Martyr Basel Sidr.”‎

Basel Sidr – 19-year-old Palestinian ‎terrorist who tried to stab Israeli policemen ‎near Damascus Gate in the Old City of ‎Jerusalem on Oct. 14, 2015. Sidr was shot ‎and killed when he tried to escape.‎