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Terrorist who rammed his car into soldiers “died as a Martyr”

Headline: “The occupation executed a young person from Hebron in his car, claiming he rammed his car into two soldiers at the entrance to Halhoul”
“Occupation forces again escalated [the situation] in the Hebron district, and executed young Ibrahim Samir Skafi, 22, claiming that he rammed his car into soldiers, and injured 2 of them at the northern entrance to the village of Halhoul, ‘the Al-Hawawir area,’ in the north of the district. Occupation forces shot at young Skafi after claiming he deliberately rammed his car into 2 occupation soldiers next to the Al-Hawawir junction in the north of the Hebron [district], and left him to bleed for a long time without letting anyone treat him, until he died as a Martyr (Shahid) from his serious injuries.”

Ibrahim Samir Skafi – 23-year-old Palestinian terrorist who rammed his car into 3 border policemen at the Halhoul junction near Hebron on Nov. 4, 2015, wounding them. Skafi was shot and killed by soldiers. Border Policeman Benjamin Yakubovich, 19, was mortally wounded in the attack, and died from his injuries on Nov. 8, 2015.