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PA daily op-ed claims Israel murders Palestinian children, commits “Talmudic bloody crimes,” and “build[s] homes for the Jewish ISIS”

Op-ed by Muwaffaq Matar, columnist for official PA daily
: “You do not have a future on our land, O Lapid, and get out of our sky!”
“Do not leave us. Continue to weigh on our chest, to kill our children and young people, to Judaize Jerusalem and our holy sites, to uproot us from our land, and to bring foreign Jews in our place, and to build homes for the Jewish ISIS in place of our homes! Remain, and we love your occupation, your injustice and terror, and get up every morning grateful for your Talmudic bloody crimes. Remain with your robbers’ swords in your hands... We do not want an independent Palestinian state with its capital in Jerusalem. Your state which violates international law is enough for us... Who told [Israeli Parliament (Knesset) member Yair] Lapid that the Palestinian people does not want to get rid of the occupation? Who convinced Lapid that the Palestinian people wants to see the settlements on its land, army camps, tanks, tractors, soldiers and officers, into whom orders and Talmudic rabbis’ rulings have been injected, which allow the spilling of the blood of Palestinians, the original owners of the land? ...Does Lapid not know that the occupationis like a virus and the settlement is like cancer, and you are supposed to remove them from your body, and not the opposite? Unless the fabricating genius wants to take apart the body, cut it up, and crumble it, in order to keep its viruses and cancers!”