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Fatah hashtag #so_what expresses indifference to Israeli outrage over Palestinian terror

Photo posted on the official Facebook page of the Fatah Movement on Nov. 7, 2015
The picture shows a masked Palestinian holding a knife.
Text on photo: “#so_what”
Examples of posts with the hashtag “#so_what”: “The occupation threatens the residents of Hebron on a warm night. So what, let’s get warm :)”
“All the entrances to Hebron are closed. So what, let them close [them].”
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"#so_what" is a new hashtag appearing on Palestinian social media as a slogan which is being used to encourage Palestinians to continue rioting, throwing rocks and using violence against Israelis. The words refer to a video that went viral, showing an elderly Palestinian man arguing with Israeli soldiers. A soldier points to rioting Palestinians, saying: "They're throwing rocks at us." The old man replies: "So what, let them throw rocks."

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