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PFLP member: PFLP have died as Martyrs and carried out “heroic operations” (i.e., terror attacks) during current terror wave, terror factions are part of intifada

Headline: “The Popular Front: The uprising broke the occupation’s imaginary barriers”
“Member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) (i.e., the PFLP is a member of the PLO) Jamil Muzher expressed his full identification with the [Lebanese] satellite station Al-Mayadeen, which is being subjected to pressure and attempts to silence its voice that supports our Palestinian people. Muzher noted that the PFLP sacrificed Martyrs from among its members in the popular uprising, and its people carried out heroic operations (i.e., terror attacks). Therefore, we cannot say that the factions have no connection to the intifada, but rather they are present and exist, and the only problem is the non-consolidation of a unified national leadership to lead the intifada. Muzher emphasized that the popular uprising continues vigorously, is escalating, and has broken all the imaginary barriers that this occupation has created. Likewise, our people has unified in the field behind this intifada in the West Bank, Jerusalem, the ’48 [territories], and the diaspora, and has shamed the occupation’s calculations.”