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Fatah official praises “heroic acts” of Palestinian terror against Israelis, calls for a mass armed uprising led by Palestinian leadership

Headline: “Abbas Zaki: ‘Israel has no idea who it is up against, and we will let the street speak’”
     “Fatah Central Committee member Abbas Zaki said that the occupation will not succeed in advancing its aggressive plots in Jerusalem and Hebron, and praised the heroic acts being carried out by the young Palestinians against the Israeli enemy.
Zaki said to the Iranian news agency ‘Fars’: ‘As long as barbaric, Nazi, fascist Israeli steps are being taken, our people will not surrender or wave a white flag, and in the end [we] will defeat the occupier.’ He added: ‘Israel has no idea who it is up against. Allah created our people to be strong, and it knows to respond at the right time. Perhaps the whole world sees now how our young, using rocks, slingshots, and knives, are intimidating the occupation army, which is armed with all types of weapons, including nuclear weapons.’
Zaki did not rule out the possibility of the intifada changing its character and becoming armed, and responded by saying: ‘We cannot allow ourselves to accept the situation more than we have, let us let the street speak more.’
The member [Abbas Zaki] of the historical Fatah leadership called on the masses of the West Bank to take to the streets in thousands against the soldiers of the occupation and gangs of settlers, who are running wild and causing devastating corruption (i.e., term used about Jews in the Quran) everywhere.
He emphasized that the street must be given priority, and that [we] should not be entrenched behind controversial issues or find excuses for not participating in direct confrontation with the occupier.
Zaki demanded of the Palestinian leadership that it act to expand the confrontation with the occupation, and at the same time take full responsibility for the consequences of this step.
He noted that it is impossible to put an end to the intifada, as it is being conducted according to the will of the people, which refuses to be humiliated by the occupation.
Likewise, he noted that ‘What is required of us today is to direct the Arab situation in general, through rare Palestinian heroism, to thwart the plots of the US, which has succeeded in diverting our Arab depth (i.e., support from Arab countries) from the central [Palestinian] cause through ‘creative anarchy,’ and thus the riots and wars we have witnessed in our area.’”
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‘Creative Anarchy’ or ‘constructive anarchy’ are terms coined by former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in 2006 to describe the initial stage in the political reconstruction of former dictatorships as part of the Anglo-American roadmap for a ‘New Middle East’.

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