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PA Governor of Ramallah honors families of terrorists, offers imprisoned terrorists “blessings of honor and pride”

: “Ghannam visits prisoners’ families in Safa and Beit Sira
      “Governor of Ramallah and El-Bireh district Laila Ghannam visited prisoners’ families in Safa and Beit Sira yesterday [Nov. 8, 2015], Sunday. She wished for them that their sons be released, and emphasized that our prisoners are the symbol of our cause, and that it is their right to be released. Ghannam said that through their legendary resolve, the prisoners prove that they are bold fighters, even from within the occupation’s prison cells and its vengeful dungeons. She also noted that the headlines of all stages of our people’s struggle were written by the prisoners with their greatness, patience, and resolve. Ghannam offered blessings of honor and pride to all the male and female prisoners, who guard the spark, and emphasized that our people and leadership adhere to their release as a national and political priority. The district governor’s visit included the families of prisoners Haitham Al-Muttafaq Hamdan, who was sentenced to 4 life sentences, Muhammad Falanam [sentenced to life imprisonment]… She emphasized that these sentences prove the barbarity of the occupation, and noted that our prisoners’ victory is definitely near, and is the responsibility of all of us. The family members thanked the district governor for her unceasing giving, and constant contact with the prisoners’ families. They said that she is an outstanding example of giving on all levels.”

Haitham Al-Muttafaq Hamdan – participated in shooting attack on Route 443 in which the Israeli couple, Yaniv and Sharon Ben-Shalom, and Israeli soldier, Doron Savari, were murdered on Aug. 25, 2001.

Muhammad Falana – serving one life sentence for planting a bomb with an accomplice near the town of Dolev in the West Bank in 1992. One person was killed and 6 were injured in the bombing.

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