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Head of the Hebron University board of trustees supports families of terrorists morally and financially

Headline: “Head of Hebron University’s board of trustees received the Martyrs’ relatives”
"Dr. Nabil Al-Ja’abri, head of the Hebron University board of trustees, emphasized that our people has made and continues to make tremendous sacrifices in order to preserve the Palestinian identity, on the way to achieving its dreams, expectations and hopes for liberation, and also in order to strengthen the internal front in order to deal with the plots attempting to harm our people’s will. This was stated yesterday [Nov. 10, 2015] when he [Al-Ja’abri] received a delegation of relatives of two Martyrs (Shahids), Law Faculty student Farouq Sidr, and Martyr Malek Al-Sharif. Al-Ja’abri spoke about the Palestinian popular uprising, in which our people have participated in order to prove their existence, and emphasized the right to support the [people’s] cause of achieving the dream of the Palestinian State. Diab Sidr, the Sidr family elder (Mukhtar) expressed his appreciation of Dr. Al-Ja’abri’s efforts, his standing by all of the Martyrs’ families, and the moral and material support he offered them, especially the Sidr family… Martyr Farouq Sidr’s father awarded Al-Ja’abri a commemorative plaque in honor and recognition of Al-Ja’abri’s role in service of the Palestinian homeland and the Palestinian citizen.”

Farouq Abd Al-Qader Sidr – 19-year-old Palestinian terrorist who attempted to stab Israeli soldiers at Beit Hadassah in Hebron on Oct. 29, 2015. Soldiers saw him coming toward them with a drawn knife and shot and killed him.

Malek Talal Al-Sharif – 25-year-old Palestinian terrorist who tried to stab an Israeli soldier near the Gush Etzion junction on Nov. 5, 2015. Al-Sharif was shot and killed by soldiers when they attempted to arrest him.

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