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PA TV lauds Facebook forum calling to "delete" Israel

Discussion on PA TV show for Palestinian teenagers:
Show hostess, Ala'a Ghosha:
"Our final topic for the day is Facebook: Facebook as a new battleground between the Arabs and Israel. "Israel is not a country!... Delete from Facebook as a country!" This is the title of an Arab forum which includes thousands of Americans, foreigners and even Jews, on the well-known Internet site, Facebook. The number of members to date is around 36,000. The group demands that Israel be regarded as an occupying entity and not as a country... From what I have observed and read, there is an abundance of information [in the forum] about Palestinian history and about the connection of the Palestinian people to this land, which has, of course, been stolen from us. Perhaps this is the most delicate wording we can find - 'stolen from us'."
Other show hostess, Tala Halawa:
"This is a nice development, that we use Internet sites for this purpose..."
The following is an excerpt of the text as it appeared on the Facebook group:
“Our goal is to reach a peaceful solution. "Israel" is presently an Apartheid regime. This group strongly condemns racism and does not tolerate it. Criticism of illegitimate Apartheid-"Israel", which has no right to exist, cannot be regarded as anti-Semitic. We only advocate the peaceful transformation of Palestine into one single, united, peaceful, democratic state from the river to the sea... 
Many Jews, including Rabbis and religious Jews, oppose Zionism and believe that Judaism prohibits it (and it does. Zionism is a secular concept, and there are things in the Old Testament that forbid Zionism ... "Israel" barely tolerates Judaism and its actions go against the beliefs and teachings of Judaism...
Arabs are Semites and are descendants of Abraham, unlike most Jews, who are mainly Europeans and Americans. So really, European Zionists who are racist towards Arabs are the ones who are anti-Semitic... Semitic Jews are aware of this fact, and that's why they don't go to "Israel" (or flee from "Israel") and choose to live in the United States or even stay in other parts of the Middle East over living in the secular, non-Semitic, European-occupied territory [i.e. Israel - Ed.]!! ...
Spread the word...
Please invite your friends !!! ... Let me make it clear for all who do not understand. This group is not against peace. If Facebook changed the name [of Israel - Ed.] to "Occupied Palestine", I think we could all agree that, that is a just solution.”

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