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PA daily praises Arafat’s talent at manipulating and utilizing the media in Palestinian favor, presented suicide bombings as “liberation”

Headline: “The media was a tool like a rifle in Yasser Arafat’s life”

“’If the Elder (i.e., Yasser Arafat) had been alive, the Arab and international media would be loud and raging from the pictures of violation and crime carried out against the boy Ahmad Manasrah (i.e., young Palestinian terrorist who stabbed two and was shot by Israeli security), as he [Arafat] was not just a president, but a media person who knew how to harness the media to the cause’ – this is the essence of the matters about which the media people and officials who worked with the late President Yasser Arafat unanimously agreed.

Media person Fathi Al-Barqawi said: ‘He [Arafat] appreciated the media and knew how to use it. He read and followed every detail, and instructed officials around him to draw public attention in favor of the Palestinian cause. Therefore, a humanitarian matter such as the case of Ahmad Manasrah would have been turned into a matter of international opinion, due to his media skills and connections throughout the world.’

Al-Barqawi added: ‘I still remember, for example, that when an Islamic Jihad person carried out a Martyrdom-seeking operation (i.e., a suicide attack,) Yasser Arafat and I returned at the same time from Ramallah to Jericho. [I remember] how he immediately instructed me to return to the radio to clarify the Palestinian national viewpoint and the goal behind these operations, which is liberation.’ He continued: ‘He would stir up public opinion with his statements, and knew how to shed light on all corners in a way that served the cause of the Palestinian people.’”

Pisgat Ze'ev stabbing attack - On Oct. 12, 2015, two Palestinian terrorists, Hassan ‎Manasrah (15) and Ahmad Manasrah (13), stabbed Yossef Ben Shalom (21) in the Pisgat ‎Ze'ev neighborhood of East Jerusalem, then repeatedly stabbed a 13-‎year-old boy (name undisclosed at time of writing) who was riding his bike. Hassan Manasrah was killed while fleeing the scene, and Ahmad Manasrah was shot by Israeli police and hospitalized. Both victims of the attack were seriously injured. The terrorists, who were cousins, came from the nearby Palestinian neighborhood of Beit Hanina.

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