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Fatah movement supports "current intifada"; Palestinians at Fatah rally carried "weapons which they use in confrontations" with Israel

Headline: “Rally at Church of the Nativity to mark the anniversary of [the death of] Arafat”
“The Fatah movement declared its support for what its spokespeople described as the current intifada while marking the anniversary of President Yasser Arafat at the [Church of the] Nativity plaza in Bethlehem. Dozens of Fatah people and various forces and activists gathered in the plaza, while the young people carried torches and weapons which they use in confrontations with the occupation… Secretary of the Bethlehem branch of Fatah Muhammad Al-Masri emphasized the movement’s support of the intifada against the occupation… Al-Masri noted that the Fatah movement is proud of the fighters and Martyrs (Shahids) of all factions, from Fatah and the National Front to the Hamas and [Islamic] Jihad movements.”