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PLO official: Terror attacks in Paris were ‎West’s fault because it hasn't ‎condemned “Zionist terror”

"‎[Palestinian National Council, the legislative ‎body of the PLO, member] Bassam Abu ‎Sharif condemned the bloody terrorist ‎attack, which took the lives of dozens of ‎victims among French citizens, and said ‎that this despicable crime is a result of ‎policies of Western leaders, who use ‎different criteria when they judge bloody ‎indiscriminate terror. Likewise, he said: ‘At ‎a time when we are feeling sorrow and ‎pain over the death of innocent civilians ‎in France, we note that [it is a result of] the ‎policy of leaders of Washington and the ‎West, who have adopted and [still] adopt ‎the policy of applying different criteria to ‎terrorists. The West has already used ‎terrorist organizations in the past, ‎armed them and trained them, in order ‎to use them as a tool to serve its ‎schemes and the schemes of Israel in ‎the Middle East. In addition, the West did ‎not object to or condemn the ongoing ‎terror operations against the entire ‎Palestinian people, being carried out by ‎the government of Israel and the ‎occupation forces, during which they ‎shoot women, children and civilians ‎who are demanding their freedom.’ ‎Bassam Abu Sharif said that if the West ‎persists in this policy of applying ‎different criteria, which serves the ‎‎‘Zionist’ occupation forces and protects ‎the crimes they are carrying out against ‎an entire people, it will backfire. ‎Likewise, he said that dealing with the ‎terror and coming out against it are a ‎human and cultural duty at this moment, ‎and anyone who puts obstacles in the ‎way of coming out against terror and is ‎silent about the terror of the ‘Zionist’ ‎state is serving the interests of this ‎organized terror.”‎
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