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Fatah condemns Paris terror attacks while ‎falsely accusing Israel of “killing civilians ‎in Palestine almost by the hour”‎

‎“Fatah condemns multiple Paris terror ‎attacks expressing its solidarity with France.
Fatah expresses its strong condemnation of ‎the heinous terror attacks that took place in ‎Paris last night killing and wounding dozens ‎of innocent people. Our people is deeply ‎shocked and angered but mostly saddened ‎by these events aimed at hitting civil life in ‎the wonderful city of Paris. We express ‎sympathy and solidarity with France as a ‎whole as well as to the victims’ families. As a ‎people who suffer daily aggressions by ‎Israel we understand the suffering of the ‎injured and the families of those who were ‎killed in a cold blood. Palestinians know the ‎bitter taste of losing beloved ones as the ‎Israeli army is killing civilians in Palestine ‎almost by the hour.
But France is the mother of freedom and ‎liberty in the world. It will prevail over the ‎sinister forces of terror.
We in the Fatah movement look forward to ‎see the entire world winning this battle ‎against terror especially in the Middle East. ‎We know that restoring peace and stability in ‎the Middle East is the first step to dry the ‎sources of terrorism throughout the world. It ‎is time to end the brutal Israeli occupation ‎which breeds violence in the entire world. ‎Having said that we express our total ‎rejection to all justifications of terror. There ‎can be no acceptable explanation for any ‎terror attacks on any country of the world.
Dr. Jamal Nazzal
Spokesman of Fatah in Europe
‎004915124186258” ‎
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