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Official PA daily implies that Palestinian terrorists who killed parents in front of their children were "moral" for not killing the children

Headline: "Hebron operation: The Palestinians have again not killed children or women"
     "Israeli media sources publicized yesterday [Nov. 13, 2015] evening the details of the shooting operation (i.e., terror attack in which 2 Israelis were shot to death) which took place on Route 60, which leads to the settlement Otniel, south of Hebron, that led to the death of 2 settlers, and the injury of 3. The sources said: 'The perpetrator of the operation prepared an ambush at the side of the road and waited for an Israeli car to come. When it came, he shot at it and retreated from the scene.' ... Israeli media sources noted that the perpetrators forced the car to slow down, shot 10 bullets at it, and then verified the death of the settlers. Likewise, they emphasized that they saw a boy and 3 women in the car, but didn't injure them, similar to what happened in the Nablus operation (i.e., Hamas terror attack in which 2 parents were shot to death in front of their 4 children) less than 2 months ago."
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The Litman murders - Israelis Ya'akov Litman and his son Netanel were murdered in a shooting attack on Nov. 13, 2015, on Route 60, near the town of Otniel, south of Hebron. His wife, Noa, and 4 other children were wounded. Security forces arrested 28-year-old Palestinian terrorist Shadi Ahmed Matawa, an Islamic Jihad member, after his father reported him to Israeli security forces. A Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance which passed the scene of the attack refused to give medical care.

The Henkin murders - Israelis Naama and Eitam Henkin (also an American citizen) were murdered in a shooting attack on Oct. 1, 2015, on the road between Itamar and Elon Moreh in the West Bank. Their four children, aged 9, 7, 4, and 4 months, were also in the car and witnessed the murders, but were not physically injured.
Five suspects in the murder, members of a Hamas terrorist cell, were arrested by Israel and confessed to the murders. The leader of the group, Ragheb Ahmad Muhammad Aliwi, has served time in an Israeli prison for security related crimes.

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