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Murderer of 8 glorified by PA daily as "groom" on way to "wedding"

PA official daily laments that Israel prevented mass celebrations at funeral of terrorist who infiltrated a Jerusalem high-school and shot dead eight students. The PA paper describes the anticipation of the "wedding procession," [accompanying the killer to his 72 virgins], and the disappointment when the "groom" is buried without ceremony and celebration.
Headline: "Jerusalem groom, Abu-Dahim, [killer of eight] leaves without his wedding procession”
     "The residents of the town of Jabal Mukbar [near Jerusalem] were surprised by the sounds of loudspeakers blasting from the [mosque] minarets announcing that the Jerusalem groom, the Shahid, (Martyr) Ala'a Abu-Dahim [murderer of eight Yeshiva students in Jerusalem] has gone without their participation in his wedding procession… Every day, these past seven days, everyone was in a state of anticipation... preparing themselves for the wedding procession. At five o'clock in the morning the loudspeakers of the mosque minarets announced the shocking news to the thousands who were waiting, that the groom was buried in the morning without a celebration and without a wedding procession... frowning faces...expressing their sorrow for having been denied [the right] to participate in the groom's procession and to accompany him to the town's cemetery... The occupation soldiers sneaked in hours before dawn and led several adults to the cemetery... They wanted a quiet wedding without music, thinking that this way Jerusalem would forget its groom... But the wedding will not end this way... it will last three consecutive days in which [the town of] al-Sawahra will welcome all of those who come to congratulate the groom and will hang his portrait embracing the nation's [Palestinian] flags."