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Abbas strongly condemns Paris and Beirut terror, but silent about wave of terror in Israel

As shown in this PA daily article, PA President Abbas issued strong condemnations of the terror attacks in Paris, Beirut and elsewhere that killed hundreds. However, Abbas has been completely silent about the wave of Palestinian terror attacks that have killed 21 Israelis (as of Nov. 24, 2015) since the beginning of October 2015.

Headline: "The President [Abbas] condemns terror operations in Paris and expresses condolences to [President of France] Hollande”
     “The Presidential Office made a statement that ‘President Mahmoud Abbas strongly condemns the terror operations that took place in Paris,’ and that he ‘expressed solidarity and sympathy with the French government and people against terror.’… The president sent a condolence telegram to his French colleague [President] François Hollande for the victims of the terror attacks. In the telegram… he expressed ‘our absolute condemnation and disapproval of these heinous acts that are in contradiction to every human value, convention and law.' He emphasized ‘our sincere sympathy and solidarity, our support for President Hollande and the families of the victims in the face of the dark terror.’… The president stated: ‘We convey our condolences to [our] friend the Russian people for the sad incident that happened to the Russian plane, which took off from the Sharm el-Sheikh airport, and claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent victims.’ The president added: ‘This is a painful, criminal incident, by any standard.’… 'We convey our condolences to [our] brother, the people of Lebanon for the explosion in the Al-Dahiah district of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, last Thursday [Nov. 12, 2015].' (i.e., double suicide bombing that killed over 40.)
The president stated: ‘We do not forget to convey our condolences to our brothers in Jordan as well, for what happened there recently, which also has characteristics of terrorism’ (i.e., attack in Amman in which 5 people were shot dead.) He added: ‘We cannot approve of these incidents, and we strongly condemn them. We hope that the region will dispose of terror and terrorists, and that all the peoples of the world and all countries will work together to combat terror everywhere, because it has no religion, homeland or affiliation. Therefore, we condemn all forms of terror, and always stand against it.'”
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Paris attacks 2015 - On Nov. 13, 2015, seven terrorist attacks were carried out simultaneously in Paris, France, in which it is estimated that 129 people were murdered. An additional 352 people were wounded, 99 of them in serious condition. The most massive attack took place at the Bataclam theater during a rock concert, where 87 people were murdered. On Nov. 14, 2015 ISIS claimed responsibility for these attacks.

Amman shooting attack 2015 – On Nov. 9, 2015, 29-year-old Anwar Bani Abdu, a Jordanian police officer at an international police training facility in Al-Muwaqqar, near Amman, Jordan, shot dead 2 Americans, 2 Jordanians and a South African, and injured 6 others, before he was shot and killed by fellow policemen during a shootout. Investigations carried out by the Jordanian government have confirmed that the attacker was not affiliated with any terrorist groups but rather the attack was a result of the attacker’s financial situation and psychological state.

Beirut bombings 2015 – On Nov. 12, 2015, two terrorists carried out simultaneous suicide bombing attacks in the Al-Dahieh district of Beirut which is inhabited mostly by Shia Muslims and controlled by Hezbollah. More than 40 people were killed and over 240 were wounded in the attacks. The Islamic State terror organization took responsibility for the attacks.

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