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US is guilty of “new colonialism…violating basic human rights of weak and poor peoples”; cause of terror “are the colonial countries… like the Israeli occupation”

The writer describes the terror attacks that took place in Paris and Beirut injuring many and then states that Israeli terror has claimed the lives of many, many more Palestinians.

Headline: "No to terror"
     "Likewise, the Israeli-American-Takfiri terror hurt (sic, killed) 224 innocent Russians, when a passenger plane was blown up on the 31st of last October [2015]… The real cause of terror are the colonial countries, whatever their type of colonialism – old-school like the Israeli occupation, which has hung over Palestinian lands since the Nakba (i.e., “the catastrophe,” Palestinian term for the establishment of the State of Israel) in 1948, and afterward in 1967, or new, like what the US is doing, violating the basic human rights of weak and poor peoples in third world countries."

Paris attacks 2015 - On Nov. 13, 2015, seven terrorist attacks were carried out simultaneously in Paris, France, in which it is estimated that 129 people were murdered. An additional 352 people were wounded, 99 of them in serious condition. The most massive attack took place at the Bataclam Theater during a rock concert, where 87 people were murdered. On Nov. 14, 2015 ISIS claimed responsibility for these attacks.

Beirut bombings – On Nov. 12, 2015, two terrorists carried out simultaneous suicide bombing attacks in the Al-Dahieh district of Beirut which is inhabited mostly by Shia Muslims and controlled by Hezbollah. More than 40 people were killed and over 240 were wounded in the attacks. The Islamic State terror organization took responsibility for the attacks.

Russian plane attack 2015 – On Oct. 31, 2015, a Russian plane was blown up over Sinai, Egypt. All 224 people on board were killed. ISIS claimed responsibility for the terror attack.