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PA daily blames Paris terror attacks on the US because it created ISIS and says Israel’s “real face” is terror

Headline: "The explosions in Paris – American work from A to Z"
     “Everyone knows that Al-Qaeda was created with American support in order to fight communism in Afghanistan and the spread of Soviet influence. After Soviet retreat from Afghanistan it began to spread, and it made its views known and made religious rulings, and in the end changed in a way that was against American interests, and carried out attacks, including the Khobar Towers bombing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in June 1996 which killed 19 American soldiers and then the big incident, the attack against the World Trade Center in New York, on Sept. 11, 2001, which led to the death of its leader, Osama Bin Laden in 2011 after a long period in hiding.
However, after the USA put an end to Al-Qaeda as an organization, and after it reaped the fruits of its evil acts, its unbridled desire to tighten its rule over the Arab region and its resources did not end. These things were revealed by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in the summer of 2014. In her book, which she called 'Hard Choices,' she placed a bomb: The American government established what is called the 'Islamic State organization in Iraq and the Levant,' known as 'ISIS' in order to divide the Middle East region (this claim is false, see below –Ed.)…
Today – after ISIS achieved goals for the American government and paved the way to its permanent presence in the region – it has become necessary to pave the way to its exit from the game, through the same scenario by which Al-Qaeda exited: ISIS will carry out an internationally unacceptable act, which will require the use of maximum force against it due to the threat it represents to powers.
There is no doubt that ISIS did not expand its activities by itself, and that its activities and spread in the region would not be possible without the patronage of a power. Recently, it even succeeded in expanding beyond its sphere of influence and blew up a Russian plane in Sinai, and afterward the explosion in Paris occurred, which claimed the lives of hundreds.
The fact that this despicable organization covered such a long path across countries was its ticket out to its end - temporarily at least –after it completed its mission of destruction, and after it divided Syria and Iraq. This made US presence in the region a simple matter due to the dismantling of the region, which could not refuse this presence in order to ensure that this organization, which spilled its residents' blood, would not return. Regarding the explosions in Paris, they are likely to be the opening volley in a war which the West will lead, under leadership of the US or those that direct it, those most dictating its goals and benefitting most from it after the division of the region is drafted. Of course the occupation state (i.e., Israel) will not be absent from the landscape, as it is the one that sees the anticipated war as a way to increase its infiltration of the region, and it is the one presenting itself as one of the victims of terror, so that it is its right to participate in its eradication. However, truthfully, it [Israel] is the one that has sowed and nourished it [terrorism], and moreover – it is its real face.
The occupation state – which has waited a long time for the American promises to change the region's map [to be kept], and even threatened the US that its [Israel's] patience is waning – will no longer feel strange, as its Arab identity will be torn from the region after its name is changed to the 'New Middle East'. [The New Middle East] will no longer require an Arab identity as a condition for membership in its club, but instead consent to the region's management policy will be sufficient…
By the way, just noting, later we will hear many explanations, and see 'manufactured' evidence according to which those who carried out the acts of terror are Arabs or of Arab descent, because the Arabs are always guilty till proven innocent."

Paris attacks 2015 - On Nov. 13, 2015, seven terrorist attacks were carried out simultaneously in Paris, France, in which it is estimated that 129 people were murdered. An additional 352 people were wounded, 99 of them in serious condition. The most massive attack took place at the Bataclam Theater during a rock concert, where 87 people were murdered. On Nov. 14, 2015 ISIS claimed responsibility for these attacks.

Claims that Hillary Clinton stated that the US created ISIS are not true and are based on false quotes from her book. The US embassy in Lebanon posted this statement on Facebook and Twitter following the circulation of the false quotes: “Any suggestion that the United States ever considered recognizing ISIS as anything other than a terrorist organization, or had any role in its creation, is patently false. Allegations circulating in Lebanon to the contrary are fabricated.”