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November 2015 poll: Palestinians prefer Abbas over Hanniyeh, but majority undecided

"With respect to the question: 'Suppose new presidential elections would be held now and Mahmoud Abbas would run these elections as candidate for Fatah and Ismael Haniyyeh as a candidate for Hamas, for whom would you vote?', (32.1%) of the respondents said 'for Mahmoud Abbas', (28.7%) 'for Ismael Haniyyeh', and (39.2%) said they didn’t decide yet."

"The latest poll prepared by Dr. Nabil Kukali and conducted by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion (, during the period from October 18 – November 12, 2015 covered a random sample of (1000) Palestinian respondents representing the various demographic specimens of Palestinians (18 years and above) living in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip."

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