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PA daily reports on university tennis tournament named after terrorist who stabbed an Israeli border policeman

Headline: “Ajjaq won the Martyr Omar Al-Faqih Tournament”
“[Tennis] player Tawfiq Zuhair Ajjaq, a student at the Birzeit University, won the Martyr Omar Al-Faqih Tennis Tournament (Al-Faqih was a terrorist who stabbed Israeli border policemen -Ed.), after uncontestably beating Atallah Darwish in two sets in the finals 0-6, and 1-6. This is the second victory in a row for Ajjaq, as he recently won the Palestinian University tennis tournament. The [present] tournament took place on the courts of the Birzeit University for two whole weeks under the name ‘Martyr Omar Al-Faqih Tennis Tournament,’ with 18 players participating. The tournament was sponsored and organized by the student council, represented by the sports committee.”
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Omar Muhammad Al-Faqih – 23-year-old Palestinian terrorist who stabbed an Israeli border policeman at the Qalandiya checkpoint on Oct. 17, 2015. Al-Faqih was shot in his lower body by another border policeman. Al-Faqih then tried to stab a sapper with scissors he took from him, and was shot and killed by an Israeli soldier.

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