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White House will become a mosque, Hamas TV puppet show

Al-Aqsa TV, Hamas  |

A puppet representing George Bush argues with a puppet representing Muslim children worldwide. Eventually the "Muslim" puppet defeats "Bush," announces that the White House has become a mosque, and then stabs "Bush" to death, declaring: “I killed him.”
George Bush:
“Who are you, what brings you here, to my home?”
Muslim child: “My daddy, you killed him in the Iraq war. And mommy, you killed her with the criminal Zionists, in Lebanon. My younger and older brothers, you killed them also, with the criminal Zionists, in Gaza's Holocaust. I am an orphan, I am an orphan, you criminal! With my sword I have come to take my rights, and the rights of my mother and my sisters. Bush, I must take my rights with the sword of Islam.”
George Bush: “I repent, just don't kill me. Where are my guards? Guards!”
Muslim child (laughing): “There are no guards, and your people surrendered, oh Bush. I'm coming with billions of children from Palestine, Iraq, children from Syria, Lebanon and Afghanistan. You prevented them from seeing their fathers and mothers.”
George Bush: “I will give you whatever you want. Come with me to the White House, you and your friends. I will give you food and toys. We will talk in the White House, and give you all your rights.”
Muslim child (laughing): “Bush, you are impure, and it won't help you to go to the White House. It has turned into a big mosque for the Islamic nation and Muslims. I will kill you, Bush. It is your fate. I will kill you.”
[Muslim child stabs Bush]
Muslim child:
“I killed him.”

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