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Fatah spokesman: Israel is the source of all terror in the world

This article was written a few days after a series of terror attacks in Paris killed 130 people.

Headline: “The occupation of the State of Palestine is the highest level of terror in the world”
“Fatah spokesman Osama Al-Qawasmi stated that the Israeli occupation of the territories of the Palestinian state, which has lasted for decades, is the highest level of terror in the world, and that acting to end it will directly help wipe out terror throughout the world. In addition, he emphasized that whoever wishes to fight terror, has to dry up its sources, and its main source is the Israeli occupation of Palestine… The Fatah movement emphasized that it will continue to stand firm and protect its land, people, and holy sites, that the Israeli system of killing and destruction will not intimidate it, and that it will continue to fight until the achievement of a whole, free state, with East Jerusalem as its capital, whatever the price may be.”

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