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Abbas says Palestinian terror wave that has killed Israelis is “peaceful resistance”

Headline: “The president [Abbas]: ‘We identify with all victims of terror as we are its victims”
“[PA] President Mahmoud Abbas said: ‘We identify with all victims of terror as we are victims of this terror, and we are against all types of violence and terror.’
He added: ‘We are not interested in seeing the spilling of anyone’s blood, whatever his ethnic origin, religion, or gender…”
He continued: ‘These days the entire world is experiencing violence and terror, which is invading many of the world’s countries, the most recent the attack that took place in Paris, the capital of France.’
These remarks were made during a speech he made at a ceremony called We are All against Terror Everywhere, which was held yesterday in honor of the recipients of the State of Palestine Literature, Culture, and Social Science Award in the Ramallah Cultural Palace.
The president noted that he spoke with his French colleague [President] Francois Hollande and consoled him, and expressed his solidarity and absolute opposition to these acts of terror.
President Abbas said: ‘We are against terror, and we say this explicitly. We have been against ISIS from the beginning, and against all the movements that call for violence and terror and speak in the name of Islam, and Islam is innocent of them. For the same reason, we stand by the side of the Lebanese people, to whom happened what happened, and also by the side of the Tunisian people and the Egyptian people, who are injured every day by terror in Sinai, Cairo, etc., by ISIS and its ilk.’
Likewise, he clarified that the [popular Palestinian] uprising has been caused by the occupation, oppression, injustice, and aggression against our people by the army and its settlers and that no one called for this uprising, but rather, it came from the hearts of these youth who saw with their [own] eyes the injustice and attacks of the herds of settlers.
He continued: ‘We told everyone that we are interested in peaceful uprising and that is what it is. However, the Israeli army shot people, and we suffer greatly and say to the world: ‘We support peace. We first of all want them to leave the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and that the herds [of settlers] will stay away from us. We want them to adhere to agreements and conventions we signed with them, and we want negotiations that are not only for the sake of negotiation, but in order to achieve peace on the basis of the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine, and without that we will not agree under any circumstances.’ In addition, he said that our people is a people that creates and builds, which wants to live as the nations of the world live, as we are the only people still under occupation.”

Paris attacks 2015 - On Nov. 13, 2015, seven terrorist attacks were carried out simultaneously in Paris, France, in which it is estimated that 129 people were murdered. An additional 352 people were wounded, 99 of them in serious condition. The most massive attack took place at the Bataclam Theater during a rock concert, where 87 people were murdered. On Nov. 14, 2015 ISIS claimed responsibility for these attacks.

Beirut bombings 2015 – On Nov. 12, 2015, two terrorists carried out simultaneous suicide bombing attacks in the Al-Dahieh district of Beirut which is inhabited mostly by Shia Muslims and controlled by Hezbollah. More than 40 people were killed and over 240 were wounded in the attacks. The Islamic State terror organization took responsibility for the attacks.

Russian plane attack 2015 – On Oct. 31, 2015, a Russian plane was blown up over Sinai, Egypt. All 224 people on board were killed. ISIS claimed responsibility for the terror attack.

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