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PA Foreign Minister: Palestinian terrorists who killed and injured Israelis were “executed” in “cold blood”

Headline: “At a meeting of the Rome Statute States Parties – Al-Malki: Palestine will participate as a full member in the International Criminal Court’s assembly of member states”
     “PA Minister of Foreign Affairs Ryad Al-Malki opened the general debate of the 14th session of Assembly of State Parties to the Rome Statute – the basis of the International Criminal Court – which convened in the Hague. During the speech by the State of Palestine yesterday [Nov. 18, 2015], he demanded that the international committee and states parties fulfill their duty, according to the principles on which the International Criminal Court was established… Al-Malki stressed that the direct cause of the crimes that Israel, the occupying power, has been committing and continues to commit within the territories of the Palestinian state, is the immunity given to politicians in the occupation state, and to its military commanders… He added: “In one month, the occupation power executed 90 Martyrs (Shahids) (most of these were Palestinians carrying out terror attacks, see below-Ed.) in cold blood, wounded 3000 of our sons with live gunfire, and arrested 1800 prisoners (sic., people). This is in addition to the demolition of homes and the expulsion of entire families.”

In the period between Sept. 13 and Nov. 19, 2015, Palestinians carried out 7 shooting attacks, 10 car attacks, 53 stabbings and 67 rock throwing attacks. Between Sept. 13 and Nov. 19, 24 Israelis were killed in terror attacks and 259 were wounded, 24 of them seriously.

Israel carries out demolitions of terrorists' houses. According to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), "Demolition orders are issued only against the residences of terrorists who commit the most serious offenses" and it is "an act of deterrence meant to discourage Palestinians from carrying out future terror attacks so as to minimize their number.”