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Fatah Facebook posts mother’s words expressing pride over her son’s death

Posted text
: “Mother of Martyr (Shahid) #Mahmoud_Aliyan says, with restraint mixed with tears, that Mahmoud sought Shahada (i.e., Martyrdom for Allah) and has achieved it. He told her once: ‘Because I love you so much, mother, I will let you become a Martyr’s mother.’ [She said:] I waited 30 years until he came into the world, after artificial insemination. The separation from him is hard, but Shahada is his choice.”
Text on image: “Fatah’s Shabiba movement announces the death of the heroic Martyr Mahmoud Alyan”

Mahmoud Alyan – a 22-year-old Palestinian who was injured in confrontations with Israeli security forces near Beit-El checkpoint on Nov. 11, 2015. He later died of his wounds.

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