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Abbas advisor justifies Palestinian violence against Israelis: It is like Texas where it is a "right" "to kill any armed person who intrudes on his land"

Headline: “Abu Al-Einein: ‘The uprising is a beginning toward the end of the rift [between Fatah and Hamas], we are not interested in ‘militarization’ and it will soon develop into intifada’”

“[Advisor to PA Chairman Abbas on NGOs and] Fatah Central Committee member Sultan Abu Al-Einein… said that most of the Palestinian political forces are participating in the popular uprising, but emphasized that the Fatah movement is the largest force and primary one advancing it. Likewise, he called to form a leadership and source of political authority and a source of authority in the field for the popular uprising.

Abu Al-Einein emphasized in an interview with [the independent Palestinian news agency] Donia Al-Watan that the Palestinian leadership is afraid that this uprising and popular activity will become military, and emphasized that turning it into such will cause damage and be more dangerous to the [Palestinian] public than the Israeli gunfire. Therefore, he called to form a political leadership in the field, so that the uprising will not deviate from its goals.

What does the political leadership want from the popular uprising? Abu Al-Einein answered that the popular uprising exhausts Israel and its force, sows fear, and causes financial damage and damage security-wise, and that as long as the Israeli street worries, this is the value of popular uprising. However, he noted here that it is necessary to develop the popular uprising, and emphasized that there are internal Palestinian political discussions about moving to the second stage of the popular uprising, in order to benefit from the previous stage…

Abu Al-Einein noted that the popular uprising will develop into an intifada in the coming days, but it will not be armed. However, on the same subject, he condemned the American bias, as American law in Texas matches the Palestinian situation, as it states that it is the right of every citizen to kill any armed person who intrudes on his land. According to Abu Al-Einein, the settlers are intruding on lands considered Palestinian, and taking over lands considered Palestinian according to international law, and therefore it is their right to fight the occupation by all means at their disposal.

Regarding the lack of agreement of the leadership to militarize the uprising, Abu Al-Einein said that in addition to the reasons we clarified before regarding the fact that it is dangerous to the popular uprising, ‘Where are the weapons with which we will fight?’

Abu Al-Einein clarified that President Mahmoud Abbas has emphasized in his meetings that he stands by the peaceful and unarmed popular uprising, and his support of it, and noted that the Fatah movement, and each of its people, has emphasized the need to continue the popular uprising without militarizing it.”

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