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Fatah spokesman: All Palestinian factions are participating in the “uprising” but Fatah has special role

Headline: “Dispute between the factions concerning the leadership of the popular uprising: Fatah: ‘We are leading it’, Hamas: ‘We are advancing it, the [Islamic] Jihad: ‘We ignited it’. Why is Hebron alone?”
“Fatah Spokesperson Osama Al-Qawasmi emphasized that the incidents (i.e., terror attacks) are focused on Hebron as the injustice done to it is the greatest in the entire homeland after Jerusalem, especially as the [Jewish] settlement is in the heart of the city. Al-Qawasmi also told Donia Al-Watan [news agency] that the crimes and field executions carried out in Hebron against the [Palestinian] citizens, as well as the daily expressions of racism against them, are what escalate the incidents there, compared to other areas in the West Bank. Fatah’s spokesman clarified that all of the Palestinians are taking part in the popular uprising, but the Fatah movement plays an exceptional, clear role, reflected by the fact that it stands at the top of the list of Martyrs, he said. Moreover, he noted that there is an agreement between all the Palestinian factions that this popular uprising should continue, and that what is happening in the West Bank is resistance at its highest level, standing against the Israeli occupation using every popular means.
Al-Qawasmi warned of the Israeli attempts to escalate the incidents into a war with Israel, and said: ‘This will make the world treat Palestine and Israel equally, and we do not want that, for it will give the latter an excuse in the eyes of the world, to use its military strength against us.”