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Palestinian killed by terrorist in terror attack that killed 3 is “Martyr” who was “executed” by Israel, was “accompanied to his wedding”

Headline: “Martyr Engineer Shadi Arafah was accompanied to his wedding in Heaven seven months after his wedding”
      “Intense rage was evident yesterday [Nov. 20, 2015] on the faces of the participants in the funeral of Martyr engineer Shadi Zuhdi Rateb Arafah, 26, from Hebron, and they condemned the crime of his execution two days ago by the junction of the ‘Etzion’ settlement bloc, north of Hebron… The raging throats cheered for the soul of Martyr Arafah, and called to come out against the ongoing crimes which the occupation carries out in cold blood, during the funeral which set out from the Al-Hussein Bin Ali Mosque in the Ayn Sara area, after prayer for his soul, toward the Al-Shuhada cemetery on Abu Ghannam Street in the Al-Zgheir neighborhood… The young Arafah died as a Martyr in cold blood from the occupation forces’ gunfire near ‘Gush Etzion’ during a shooting operation (i.e., attack) that was carried out against settlers and caused the death of 2 of them, and the injury of 10 (Shadi Arafah was killed by Palestinian terrorist Muhammad Abd Al-Baset Al-Hroub, not by IDF fire as stated in the article. See note, Ed.).
The occupation announced afterward that it accidentally shot Martyr Arafah because it thought he was a participant in the operation because he was there by chance, returning in his car from his work in Bethlehem. Public and popular figures, citizens and residents, who attended Arafah’s funeral that passed through many streets on the way to the cemetery while he was carried on shoulders, wrapped in a Palestinian flag, and draped in a keffiyeh, demanded an end to the continuous flow of crimes being perpetrated by the occupation against our young people, children, women, and elderly with no deterrent...
The participants called out repeatedly during the funeral, which turned into a demonstration of rage, calls denouncing the occupation’s crime, and calling for unification of the ranks among the various sectors of the people, in order to stand against the attacks of the occupation and its settlers. Likewise, they emphasized that our people will continue to protect its blood, honor, land, and holy sites, even at a high price, until it will defeat the occupation and its settlers, and achieve a life of dignity, and also simultaneously condemned the silence surrounding the world’s ears and eyes in the face of the occupation’s crimes.
The event in which Martyr Arafah died as a Martyr, as a result of haphazard and careless shooting, reflects the occupation army and its media’s degree of confusion in light of the latest incidents… Legal activist Hisham Sharbati emphasized that the event of young Arafah’s death as a Martyr is part of the summary executions being carried out by the occupation authorities against our people. In addition, he mentioned the efforts being invested in order to document these crimes, submit them to international bodies, and prosecute the occupation criminals in a number of countries.”

Muhammad Abd Al-Baset Al-Hroub – 24-year-old Palestinian terrorist who opened fire with a submachine gun at cars in a traffic jam near the Jewish town of Alon Shvut, in the West Bank, on Nov. 19, 2015. He killed three people, American Ezra Schwartz, 18, Israeli Yaakov Don, 49, and Palestinian Shadi Arafah, 40. Four others were wounded. Al-Hroub was arrested at the site of the attack.