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Fatah officials calls US one of “rotten powers” that allowed Israel to be “an immoral religious state”, ISIS and Israel are the same and like cancer

Al-Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)  |
Al-Mayadeen TV program The Latest Edition, hosting Fatah Central Committee member Abbas Zaki

Fatah Central Committee member Abbas Zaki: “Therefore this step (i.e., an assembly to show support for the intifada) came, following the revival of the Palestinian problem, after all signs of the Oslo accords and betting on false peace had disappeared, and after matters were put in the hands of a strategic ally of Israel, the US. After all, this large country has no strategic alliance in the world except with Israel, the ‘airplane carrier’ in the region, or the most advanced dagger for slaughtering the Arab nation. In the past [Israel] had a role dealing with communism, and it has ended. Today they wish to create a horror named Islam and it will also fail, because ISIS and Israel are the same coin, two sides of one coin being operated by the US. The purpose of ISIS, the Islamic State, is to provide an excuse for the Jewish state’s existence, except for the difference that this one [the Islamic State is doomed] to disappear, and this one [Israel] to remain… I believe the situation cannot be fixed, and the only way to save the region is to remove from the body this cancer that is Israel, which is the reason for all the types of backwardness and destruction…  May Allah curse the period in which the British forefathers lived, who gave what they did not own to one with no right. Now they regret it, as now the strongest movement [has been established] which threatens Israel publicly, academically, and artistically. Now in Britain they are cursing the forefathers who brought these villains to Palestine… They are armed by large, rotten powers, failed countries; America, Allah willing, will leave as a result of the Russian technology which has entered the region. They [the Americans] will lick the shoes (i.e., slink away with their tail between their legs) as they did in Vietnam, and America will leave as a result of its standing by Israel’s side. They allowed the State of Israel [to be] an immoral religious state.”