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PA daily calls teenage female stabber “a ‎Martyr” and quotes her father saying “I am ‎proud”‎

Headline: “This is what she wrote before her ‎death as a Martyr. Donia Al-Watan in the home of ‎Martyr Ashraqat: She directed her father to ‎donate her organs, and not to bargain over her ‎body”‎
     ‎“The girl Ashraqat Taha Qatanani, 16, a Martyr as ‎she wished, died as a Martyr on Sunday morning ‎‎[Nov. 22, 2015], at the Hawara junction next to ‎Nablus, after Gershon Mesika, former head of ‎the regional council of the West Bank ‎settlements, rammed his car into her, and ‎afterward settlers and the occupation army’s ‎soldiers shot her, after her presence at the spot ‎aroused their suspicion…‎ Asharaqat’s father spoke with tears choking him ‎about the last conversation that took place ‎between him and Ashraqat, the night before she ‎died as a Martyr: ‘She said to me: “I instruct you ‎to donate my organs if I die as a Martyr. If they ‎argue with you about my body, do not agree to ‎any bargaining, and do not give in to any ‎blackmail in order to receive it.”’ He was about to ‎cry again, and continued: ‘It appears that she ‎prepared herself for any possibility, and indeed ‎the Israeli intelligence service summoned me to ‎the center of Hawara and asked me not to incite, ‎as I am the Imam of a mosque, and to work to ‎calm the spirits. ‘We do not want revenge’ – that ‎is what they asked of me in one word. In short, ‎they are even afraid of our pain and silence. I do ‎not have the shadow of a doubt that I cannot ‎prevent anyone from resisting or dying as a ‎Martyr, as I was not able to prevent my daughter ‎from carrying out her religious and moral ‎obligation to go out against this occupier, which ‎leaves us no air to breathe. I am proud of my ‎daughter Ashraqat.’‎ [‎…‎] Martyr Ashraqat’s brother said: ‘My sister ‎carefully followed the political news, and cried ‎with all her heart, and strong pain that hurt our ‎hearts, over each male and female Martyr,’ and ‎he told his father not to be sad or sorry about the ‎death of his sister, as she chose her way and ‎fulfilled her dream to be a Martyr.”‎

Ashraqat Taha Ahmad Qatanani - 18-year-old ‎female Palestinian terrorist who attempted to stab ‎an Israeli girl, running after her with a drawn knife, ‎on Nov. 22, 2015, at a junction near Nablus. ‎Former head of the Shomron regional council ‎Gershon Mesika foiled her attempt by running his ‎car into her when he saw her attempted attack. ‎Israeli soldiers then shot Qatanani. The PA ‎reported that she died of her injuries, but this has ‎not been officially confirmed.‎

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